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Mountain sport is excellent resort and an exciting way to spend time. But mountain skiing or snowboarding require certain skills from a person: the ability to control your body and the knowledge of specific techniques. Only in case the person has these skills, skiing will be enjoyable and safe! The best mentor for the “first steps” down snowy slopes is a professional instructor.

You won’t even notice how you will learn, under his thoughtful supervision, about everything a mountain skier needs to know. It is never late to learn to mountain ski: the techniques of skiing are mastered by five-year-olds as well as senior people.

Teaching children to mountain ski and snowboard. Children particularly like mountain skiing. A knowledgeable and attentive mountain skiing instructor will help your kid select equipment, teach him or her to use necessary techniques, and ensure full security during sessions. The liking of mountain skiing in children should be encouraged in various ways because this hobby not only develops braveness and persistence in a person but also positively affects the person’s health, improves coordination, and gives the pleasure of free motion.

Mountain skiing is a great way of spending a vacation and a useful activity. And to make sure that the pleasure from skiing is full and is not clouded by any trouble—learn to ski under the thoughtful supervision of a mountain skiing instructor!

Instructor’s service per day 5000 KGS / for one person
Instructor’s service per day 6000 KGS / for two persons
Instructor’s service per day 7000 KGS / for three persons
Instructor’s service per day 9000 KGS / for five persons
Услуги Instructors / hour 1500 KGS / for one person
Услуги Instructors / hour 2000 KGS / for two persons
Услуги Instructors / hour 3500 KGS / for three persons
Услуги Instructors / hour 4000 KGS / for five persons
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