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The Kapriz Resort Center is proud to offer organization of corporate resort activities and events of any format:

  • Business events, conference hall, stylizations, coffee-breaks, stand-up meals, banquets and gala dinners.
  • We offer team bonding corporate events with various contests to inspire the employees and strengthen the team spirit in the company.
  • Corporate celebrations with entertainment components devoted to important days and company anniversaries.
  • Event-management and teambuilding: outside contests, beach games, and team bonding activities.
  • Conference (Virtual tour: Conference hall)
  • Workshops
  • Dealer gatherings
  • Presentations
  • Celebration of a company’s birthday
  • Theme parties

When you decide where exactly to hold a conference, presentation, workshop, or banquet away from the city, do not hesitate to choose the Kapriz Resort Center.
The Kapriz Resort Center is always ready to organize conferences, workshops, or high-level meetings for you. Besides conference halls equipped with multimedia equipment, business infrastructure in the Resort Center includes a business center, the Internet connection, network services, and equipment for simultaneous translation during conferences with foreign participants. Along with the options for business activities, the Kapriz Resort Center provides unique facilities for entertainment: business meetings and conferences are rarely held without informal components. We organize fascinating all-inclusive excursions for our foreign guests.

It is not surprising that offering such services and facility the Kapriz Resort Center has become one of the most popular places to hold various business meetings, conferences, workshops, and corporate trips for both local and foreign companies.

Among our partners and regular customers are the U.S. Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan, Gazpromneft Asia, the World Bank in the Kyrgyz Republic, the EBRD in the Kyrgyz Republic, and many other business companies, public association, state and non-governmental organizations. The Kapriz Resort Center guarantees the appropriate service level and security to organizations of any level.

Each conference held in Kapriz has a unique style and program. For Vista KZ we organized tasting of the company’s production within the scope of its workshop. Foreign experts invited to the event noted the high quality of the production. The program developed for AIDS Foundation East-West included amazing team bonding: the participants baked cakes, created art together, and played outside. A 20 kilogram cake with the company logo was made for the celebrations of Reemtsma-Kyrgyzstan.  

From our clients’ feedback:

Mr. Christoph von Harsdorf, supervisor of the EU Project of Support for the Judicial System in the KR, “Our project has been collaborating with the Kapriz RC for a rather short time, but within this period we held our work events in summer and in autumn. The impressions are bright indeed. We were amazed at the atmosphere of the Kapriz RC; it is a very beautiful new place on the shore of Issyk-Kul, especially during the summer season when there are flowers everywhere. I really wanted to visit the place and hold work events with my colleagues in such a place. The conditions are very good. The Kapriz RC has a big, spacious conference hall, everything needed for working in the hall, the equipment, and a very pleasant atmosphere. The service really met the international standards.”  

Azamat Bayalinov, specialist of the Youth Program at the United Nations Population Fund, “Many of my acquaintances gave positive feedback about conducting working seminars in the Kapriz RC. Besides, it is quite a popular brand, and I was very curious to see all the conditions myself. They really are very good, and in general the event was held fully meeting the expectations. Despite the low season, the impressions from the Kapriz RC are most positive. I would really want to visit the Kapriz RC in summer.” 

Rustam Madaliev, National Coordinator of the Support of Legal and Judicial Reforms in the CA Countries Program, German Technological Collaboration, “The Kapriz RC is attractive because of its novelty. A new resort center with a high capacity and great conditions for holding working seminars. I wanted to get evidence myself. I liked the service. A well-trained and polite staff with a smart approach to the matter. Great organization of operation. The impressions are the most pleasant. Indeed, the Kapriz RC is one of the few places on the shore of Issyk-Kul that meets the claimed standards.”

- Would you like to hold a similar event in the Kapriz RC again?

- With great pleasure.

We would like to thank all our corporate clients, and we hope for a long and fruitful collaboration! And we also invite new companies to hold their corporate events in the Kapriz Resort Center!

Regarding the organization of corporate events, please refer to:

26/1 Karalaev St., 4th microdistrict, Bishkek

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