Baktuu-Dolonotu village, Issyk-Kul region, Kyrgyzstan
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The billiard hall in our hotel is the best place to relax. First-rate, professional billiard equipment and a special atmosphere will help you enjoy this exciting, sophisticated, and spectacular game, which can be also watched from our cozy sofas.

Billiard for you:

1 Pool table, 1 Russian Billiards.

If necessary, our experienced markers will companion a guest without a company or unobtrusively resolve an argument on the rules of the particular game.


Russian Billiards   1 hour  350 KGS
Pool  1  hour 350 KGS
Bowling/ 1 game/1 person 350 KGS

You can rest between the games and discuss the results here in the bar, watching exciting sporting events or music videos broadcasted on the large plasma TV screens.

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