Baktuu-Dolonotu village, Issyk-Kul region, Kyrgyzstan
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In the warm season, our Resort Center will help you fill your days with countless leisure activities. Everybody will find some activity to their liking.

Services and facilities:

Clay courts

Outdoor pools for adults and for children on the beach

Beach coaches

The Kapriz Resort Center offers you a unique opportunity to visit a sports complex that has a variety of exercise machines right on the lake’s shore. Twelve training machines and additional power equipment. The service is provided for free.

Apier, more than 170 m long, with a dock for ships

For our clients’ convenience, the Kapriz Resort Center has a pier that is more than 170 m long. The pier is also a good place for walking and diving. The length of the pier is enough to allow you to be as far from the beach as possible and feel all the beauty of the lake Issyk-Kul. We also offer you to visit one of the two steam rooms situated on the pier right above the unruffled surface of the lake and to feel the freshness of the cool water Issyk-Kul.

Basketball and beach volleyball courts

Beach chairs and umbrellas

Beach disco

Дискотека на пляже Дискотека на пляже

The service is available from June 15 to August 30

The disco bar on the beach will give you lots of emotions! Here, you can take a rest and have some fun. In gaps between meals in the bar, you can enjoy the lake and listen to excellent music.

A professional football field with artificial turf

Today, artificial grass has an undisputable advantage over real grass, which is why football fields with artificial turf gain more and more popularity all over the world. A clear advantage is that it does not get sunburned or frozen, which is especially important in summer and in winter with its quite cold weather.

Water scooters and quadricycles

Cкутера, квадроциклы Cкутера, квадроциклы

The service is available from June 15 to August 30

Scooter is an amazing craft designed for active water resort, and it has already won the hearts of Europeans. And now it came to us. The new craft allows combining enjoyable resort with physical exercises. Have you ever dreamt of swimming like a dolphin? Forget it, it’s infantile! It is not a fantasy but just a water scooter carrying you away in a controlled water flight with the speed of up to 1.5 meters per seconds. Also, you can use quadricycles that the visitors of our hotel have become so fond of. The Kapriz Recreating Center’s quadricycles are designed for unforgettable journeys and traveling on bad roads. The quadricycles are designed with all proper safety considerations, and they are suitable for travelling with children.

Water towables and banana boats

Водные таблетки, бананы Водные таблетки, бананы

The service is available from June 15 to August 30

For all the lovers of bright emotions, the Kapriz Resort Center presents the water towable attraction. A circular uniquely shaped tank towed by a boat allows riding the waves and experiencing incredible emotions. Also, you can get an additional portion of adrenalin with such a water attraction as a banana boat. You will experience a range of new feelings when sliding along the water of our lake on this amazing attraction. The banana boat can carry five to seven people. 

Water skiing

Водные лыжи Водные лыжи

The service is available from June 15 to August 30

Water skiing—a popular sport and amusement—is moving on the surface of the water on specially shaped skis with a rope (called “halyard”) connected to a boat or a different watercraft allowing forward motion. Now, this type if amusement is available to the visitors of the Kapriz Resort Center.

Catamarans, boats

Катамараны, катера Катамараны, катера

The service is available from June 15 to August 30

The Kapriz Resort Center offers its guests to use the catamaran beach service. Enjoy an unhurried catamaran row far from the noisy beach and other people’s attention, alone with nature.


Flyboard is a board with a jet stream that can lift you above the water at the height of 10 to 12 meters so that you can fly like a bird and dive like a dolphin. Flyboard gives a wonderful opportunity to do various gymnastic and acrobatic stunts, which allows assuming the development of a new type of water freestyle. Considering the insane amounts of horsepower available for today’s water monsters (sea-doos with turbochargers, etc.), it seems that flyboarding will become the really extraordinary and stunning way of spending time this summer.

Badminton, darts, table tennis

The Kapriz Resort Center popularizes a healthy lifestyle. Due to this, we offer our clients to do sports actively. On the territory of our hotel, there are sports courts for various sports, including badminton, darts, and table tennis.

Playground and children animators

The service is available from June 15 to August 30

We have a wide variety of fun and creative activities and educational and interesting games for children of any age. Our animators will entertain your kids on the beach. Our instructors have different sport programs for them. A room for kids is full of fun development games for any age.

Animation program for a day

Пляжный досуг09:40 – The host and animators welcome the guests of Kapriz and invite everyone to the morning dance and fitness training. The program for the day is announced.

At 10:00 all the animators go to the beach.
The host and the DJ perform a musical greeting together with animators: one or two dances

10:10 The host and animators invite the guests to the fitness training

  •  Standard morning fitness training
  •  Morning fitness training: a walk. Aerobic cardio-exercises with additional weights.
  •  Morning fitness training: yoga. Fitness training with an animator who is a yoga instructor.
  •  Morning fitness training: gymnastics.

10:50 The host and animators invite the guests to sporting events (boccie, handball, volleyball, power-lifting, crossfit, basketball, body-building, darts for kids and for adults).
Place: Sports grounds, beach.

12:00 Beach contests. Completely renovated!
Place: On the beach by the stage or by the outdoor pool

12:30 Live music and a dance show from the host, DJ, and animators: 5 songs
Place: Beach, the restaurant, the pier.

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:40 Theme preparation

16:00 The second working day begins

16:00 Aqua aerobics in the pool. Alternates with step aerobics on the sports ground. Lasts for 40 minutes.

16:40 Sporting events: Basketball, football, table tennis, water polo, shaping.
Place: Sports grounds

19:00 A play for kids begins: the fairy tale is performed by the animators and guest actors.

  • Masha and the Bear
  • Vinnie the Pooh
  • Buratino and his Friends
  • Teremok
  • Dumbo
  • Alternates with guest show programs, including magicians etc.

Place: Dancefloor

20:00 Disco for kids

20:45 Evening contests for adults. Projector games. Breeze Restaurant

22:00 Live musicians, DJ, and the host start the disco. Breeze Restaurant

22:30 Animators present the evening flashmob: five dances with elements of go-go dance. Breeze Restaurant

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